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Pre-Work for Day One

The following pre-work for Module A, B & C should all be completed before the Day One session begins.

Module A: Introduction00:27:15
Watch: Who Are Ombuds? 00:02:15
Watch: RIT Ombuds Office 00:05:00
Read: Classical, Advocate, and Organizational: An Overview of Ombuds from Scandinavian Origins to the Governments, Corporations, and Universities of America 00:05:00
Read: Alternative Dispute Resolution Graphics 00:05:00
Complete Journal Prompt: What brings you here? 00:10:00
Module B: The Role & You00:43:18
Complete Test: Implicit Association Online Tests 00:25:00
Watch: Mental Models and How We Make Sense of Things 00:03:18
Complete Journal Prompt: A Growth Area 00:10:00
Read: Why you should make time for self-reflection (Even if you hate doing it) 00:05:00
Module C: Understanding the Ombuds Role01:37:00
Read: An Organizational Ombuds Office In a System for Dealing with Conflict and Learning from Conflict or ‘Conflict Management System’ 00:15:00
Complete Activity: Know Your Conflict Management System 00:15:00
Complete Journal Prompt: Challenges to Independence 00:10:00
Read: IOA Code of Ethics 00:05:00
Watch: Ethical Principles - Independence 00:21:00
Watch: Ethical Principles - Confidentiality 00:31:00

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