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Monday, March 18 Recorded Sessions:

  • Opening Remarks and Awards (Sunday, March 17) 
  • Keynote: Khaliah O. Guillory -"Unleash your Dopeness"
  • Mary Rowe Keynote - Hector Escalante 
  • CS 1C: Using Positive Psychology to Help Ombuds – and Our Visitors and Organizations- Flourish! - Julie Muroff
  • CS 2B: Getting Unstuck from Ombuds Data Collection and Analysis: Seven Simple Principles - Lisa Yamagata-Lynch & Bina Patel 

Tuesday, March 19 Recorded Sessions:

  • Keynote: Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures: Alternative Mediation Strategies for an Era of Not Listening - Adar Cohen
  • CS 3B: Leveraging Cultural Diversity: Identifying, Resolving and Preventing Cultural Conflicts - Qinhui Jiang 
  • CS 4B: Advocating for Your Office - Ellen Miller, Sarah Klaper, Mark Patterson 
  • CS 5B: Enhancing Visitor's Engagement: What Are the Vital Functions of Ombud Office Websites? - Dr. Sara Kim, Dr. Heidi von Harscher, Ruthy Kohorn Rosenberg, Tom A. Kosakowski
  • Movie Night: Keynote Speaker: Noam Ebner | Star Wars and Conflict Resolution
  • CS 6B: Supercharge your Ombuds Practice -Cindy Mazur

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