Package Description

IOA Live Virtual Workshop: Play, Simulate, Reflect: A Guide for Deep Group Facilitation

Play-Simulate-Reflect is a formula for eliciting deep group engagement, creating safety through the indirect examination of difficult issues, and for centering effective reflection and conversation about present group concerns. It is a process of building community and robust engagement that fosters innovation, vulnerability and insight, and shared perspective. Over the course of four hours, we will understand the value of play and how this creates the space for effective group facilitation; the importance of simulation, particularly when there are process, communication, and effectiveness concerns; and how to move from abstract to present concerns through a guided reflection process. In this highly engaged workshop, participants will learn multiple group facilitation techniques and exercises by experiencing them firsthand and will leave with tools to use in their own practice. 

Jennifer Mahony has 20 years of group facilitation experience of all sizes of groups. She enjoys group facilitation, as it can be a wonderful way to harmonize multiple perspectives, create shared understanding in a complex environment, and build a real sense of community.

Jennifer has facilitated groups as an ombuds, as an ADR practitioner, and as a community and capacity builder in the telecommunications and financial sectors.

She loves opening up space for people in unique and interesting ways!

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