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Most of the materials included here are not required reading for the course. They are simply materials and resources that we feel may help you in your ombuds practice.

This is where you will find your agenda, the attendee and instructor roster, and the daily slides.

Daily Slides
Slides Day 1
Slides Day 2
Slides Day 3
Slides Day 4
Additional Materials & Resources - All Modules
Course Attendee & Facilitator Roster
Detailed Course Agenda
Daily Quick Check Feedback Survey
List of Helpful IOA Webinars
General List of Ombuds Resources
Additional Materials & Resources - Module A00:16:04
Article: A Meatball By Any Other Name
Watch: The Human Insights Missing From Big Data 00:16:04
Additional Materials & Resources - Module B
Quiz: The Insight Quiz
Additional Materials & Resources - Module C
IOA Standards of Practice & Code of Ethics
IOA Standards of Practice - Best Practices
Article: The Ombudsman’s Role in a Dispute Resolution System
Article: I’m Not Neutral About Neutrality: I’m Partial to Multi-Partiality
Additional Materials & Resources - Module D
Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Styles
Visitor Feedback Survey
Additional Materials & Resources - Module E
IOA Uniform Data Reporting Categories
Article: Amplifying Trends with Data
Article: The Organizational Ombudsman as Change Agent
Article: Blueprint for Success: Designing a Proactive Organizational Ombudsman Program
Article: When and To Whom Should the Ombuds Report a Problematic Trend?
Dissertation: The Relationship of Ombudship and Leadership in Complex Organizations
Additional Materials & Resources - Module F00:17:41
Article: Reimagining the Role of the Organizational Ombuds
Generic Organizational Ombuds Position Descriptions
Article: Towards the Activist Ombudsman: Conclusion
Self-Compassion Research and Resources
Watch: The Edge of Compassion 00:17:41

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