Description: Very few roles exist to help people navigate the confusion, stress, and ambiguity inherent in life within a complex organization in a rapidly changing world. The organizational ombud, however, is built to do precisely that. In many ways, the job is to increase both individual and organizational capacity to deal with conflict; ensure processes are apt, fair, and equitable; and identify areas for positive growth. In other words, to help lead. Come learn more about how many essential skills of ombudship are also those of leadership, and why now more than ever ombuds should embrace an identity as leader.

Presenter: Mary Bliss Conger

Mary Bliss Conger, EdD, is a consultant and writer based in New York City. Her professional interests center on leadership and organizational learning, with particular focus on the organizational ombud role. As an IOA volunteer, Mary has worked with the communications, conference, and professional development committees as well as the Journal of the IOA. A New Yorker at the moment yet always a Minnesotan at heart, Mary is passionate about people, access, conflict, kindness, dialogue, and decisions. She tweets @maryconger and can be found on LinkedIn.

Ombudship as Leadership
Ombudship as Leadership
Ombudship as Leadership Survey

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